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See how different vendors stack up

This guide will provide clarity by walking you through the key preventative technologies and why you need them.  It will also show you how different vendors stack up in independent tests.


Understand features and Compare Endpoint Security Solutions

Are You Prepared? This Buyers Guide:

Explains foundational (tradtional) and modern (next gen) approaches
Comparison of the most common anti-virus solutions
Gives the Top 10 Questions you should ask when comparing endpoint protection solutions
Describes Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) protection

A Cyber Security Plan Can Help You Prevent a Ransomware Attack

Most businesses understand the importance of a cyber security plan but struggle knowing where to begin. What's more, many businesses focus only on what happens after a breach occurs, when a truly effective cyber security plan accounts for the steps you need to take to prevent one in the first place. And with the cost of an average data breach to a U.S. company coming in at $7.91 million(1), can you afford to go without a strong cyber security strategy?

UTG is your go-to resource for all things cyber security. Our holistic approach to IT security and compliance provides you with next generation coverage for your network. 

Bring Clarity To Your Endpoint Security Solution Choice